Telephone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting

Ablio telephone interpreting service connects our customers with their counterparts and a qualified interpreter over the phone or the Internet, anytime, anywhere, enabling them to communicate from any language to any other.

What is telephone interpreting?

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone or other telecommunications devices to individuals who wish to speak to each other, but do not share a common language. The remotely connected interpreter converts the spoken language to the other language and vice versa, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other. Interpretation over the telephone most often takes place in consecutive mode, which means that the interpreter waits until the speaker finishes an utterance before translating into the other language.

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In conferences and events, translation is usually provided to audiences by simultaneous translation systems based upon radio infrared technology, where audio translations are listened through specific headset receivers.
Ablio has created AblioConference, the innovative simultaneous translation system where audiences can listen to translation on their own smartphones. The entire system is managed by standard personal computers and operates through Internet and Wi-Fi networks, thus eliminating the need to use expensive dedicated systems and devices. Interpreters can act remotely and/or in-place, you may use your own interpreters or chose them from our Community of Professional Interpreter for booth simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services..

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Why use a telephone interpreter?

Telephone interpreting is the easiest and most efficient way to communicate with people that do not speak your own language. Compared to traditional on-site services, it offer clear advantages:


Simple and immediate usability: always available through speedy procedures.


Reduced planning and logistics: no need to organize and plan in advance.


Save on costs. No more interpreters’ travel costs or idle times. Pay only for the effectively used time.


Enhanced neutrality, safety, and privacy.

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Telephone interpreter, on-site interpreter or machine interpreter?

Telephone Interpreters

Telephone interpreters are specially trained to handle remote communication between people. Given the same level of competence, several comparison reports have proven that the quality of interpretation of an over the phone interpreter is the same, and sometimes even better, than that obtained by an on-site interpreter. Despite investments and interesting developments so far achieved, machine interpreters are still far from producing a quality in most cases deemed sufficient.

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When to use telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is becoming the most practical and widespread form of interpreting, in personal face-to-face or group meetings, telephone calls or audio/video conferences. Here are some cases where it proves to be the most sensible choice:

On demand

Emergencies or requests that cannot be scheduled in advance, where interpretation support is required immediately

Personal Profile

When anonymity in required or preferred


When geographic distances do not allow you to have an interpreter attending your meeting


For all short-term conversations

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Our telephone interpreters

Our Interpreters

All Ablio interpreters are specifically trained to perform live remote interpreting sessions. Carefully selected after a detailed evaluation process, ongoing monitoring by our coaches, combined with customer feedback, they apply specific Standards of Practice compliant with HIN, NCIHC, HIPAA, AIIC, and ISO 13611 standards.

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Here are some of the language combinations powered by our community of professional interpreters

English – Arabic
English – Bulgarian
English – Chinese
English – Croatian
English – Danish
English – Dutch
English – Farsi (Persian)
English – French
English – German
English – Greek
English – Creole
English – Hebrew
English – Hindi
English – Hungarian
English – Indonesian
English – Italian
English – Japanese
English – Korean
English – Polish
English – Portuguese
English – Punjabi
English – Russian
English – Serbian
English – Slovene
English – Somali
English – Spanish
English – Swahili
English – Tagalog
English – Thai
English – Turkish
English – Ukranian
English – Vietnamese

How does Ablio's telephone interpreting work?

In Ablio, requesting an telephone interpreter service is simple and fast. Once set up your account, you are ready to go. Through your personal service dashboard you can choose the most suitable service option to your needs, or simply call Ablio’s national phone number to have your on-line interpreter on-demand.

No registration fees or monthly subscriptions are required: pay-as-you go at affordable rates based upon the actual talking time.

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